​Some of our favourite projects turned into an alphabet chart hanging proudly on the fridge!

​Why not come and try our classes and produce your own. 

​Or if you can't make our classes, why not contact me about producing a chart for you using your own photos.


Examples of typical projects.

​The marks on the road were produced with a toy car dipped in paint and rolled on the road.  A template car was decorated with foam shapes and glitter and then glued on the road.

​A paper plate was painted with blue and brown paint.  The template ducks were decorated with feathers and googly eyes.  The reeds are crepe paper cut with serrated scissors.  The ducks and reeds were glued to the plate when dry.

​The template alligator was decorated by painting bubble wrap with green and brown paint and using it to print the pattern.  The teeth are foam squares cut in half (there was adult supervision to stick them straight!) and googly eye added.

​The background was produced by soaking a piece of white paper with a wet sponge and then dripping on purple paint (try an old eye drop bottle if you have one or drip from the end of a paint brush).  The template umbrella was decorated with foam and metal shapes and glitter glue.  The umbrella handle is a pipe cleaner.

​A paper plate was painted with red paint.  The black spots, head, wings and white eyes were then glued on to the body.